Web Content for Small Businesses

Already have a website? Does it need a tune up?

I will work with you to clean up your current content so the potential customers who land on your site can clearly understand what your business is all about, and what kinds of products or services you provide.

Depending on the amount of existing content on your website, I will edit your copy and rewrite to your satisfaction for a low price of $200 to $400 for up to five pages. These pages generally would be your main landing page, an "about" page, and two to three pages related to the main products of services you want "out there" for people to see.

Need original content for a website?

I will work with you to develop your messaging for up to five pages. We can talk by phone, work by email, or meet in person (depending on your location in relation to Eugene, Oregon) to discuss and identify your website objectives.

For first-time web content, my charge will be between $300 and $600 for most basic websites. This covers the up to five pages, which normally will include 250-500 words per page. Page content might be for you main landing page, an "about us" page, and other elements that might include a contact/hours page or 2-3 pages that focus on the products or services that you want people to know about.

The above services do NOT include web hosting, web design, coding, or web maintenance.

Simple sites, yes

I do not offer or arrange web hosting. HOWEVER, for a flat fee of $300, I would be willing to incorporate your new content into a basic website using Dreamweaver or RapidWeaver, using simple and free templates. NOTHING FANCY.

THIS SERVICE would only be for small businesses whose web needs are very basic.

Do you just want a presence on the web? That's what my design would be about. I can work with photos you provide, or if you are located within an easy drive from Eugene, I can come to your business to take photos to use on your site (negotiable fee, from $50 to $100, plus my mileage).

I DO NOT provide assistance for online sales. I am about simplicity -- to get your business on the web where people can find you.

Did you know that fewer and fewer people are using phone book anymore? They look online FIRST. If you are not online, you have lost a potential customer.

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